Our Story

The original idea of Quiks was developed in Kiev earlier by Yuri and Yiannakis. In May of 2014 Marios joined in as a co-founder and we started Quiks (incorporated in California) with a unique instant messenger in mind. After months of re-evaluating our end goal, we set our sights on combining instant messenger features that benefit individuals and businesses alike. As with any start up company the challenges we faced were almost on the daily menu!  We managed these, and will continue to do so, through team work, great communication and understanding of our clients' needs and wants.    

We started growing our team after getting positive feedback from users and investors.  

Understanding our strengths and limitations allowed us to reach our current level with relatively small capital and enabled our team to maintain control of our company.  We are very proud of our accomplishments and we look forward to closing round A very soon!

More to follow.