Just steps away from savings and security. 


Click " Business Account Setup" below to set up Quiks for your business. 

Available in the United States.

Soon the world over.



Quiks Features

Requesting a Payment

  • Send a personal message to your clients.
  • Your instant message will have your business logo and name.
  • Instant recognition by your clients. 

Receiving a Payment

  • Get notified every step of the way.
  • Know if a payment was made and when the money is in your account.
  • Automatic email confirmation to you and your clients for every transaction.

Quiks Payments

Per Transaction
$0.50 flat rate

Non-Profit Organizations Save big!
10% of every transaction fee, back to your non-profit organization.  It is our contribution to a better future for all.




Businesses: How to Install and Use Quiks

Click the "Business Account Setup" button below to set up your business account.

When you click on the button below, you will be asked to provide a mobile phone number, in order to receive the four digit security code via text.  You need this code to sign in.  The manager or owner of the business should be the one to set up the account.  In the set up process you will have the option to choose (check the appropriate box) if your business accepts tips or donations.  You may also add another authorized name/mobile number to receive the security code and sign up, if appropriate.  For example, during or even after the account is set up a dentist may add his/her front desk manager so that she can sign in every morning without having to bother the dentist for the code.  She will also be the person to send the requests for payment and receive the payment confirmations (email) so it makes sense to have access to the Quiks platform.  The additional persons can be added or deleted from the account settings.

In the process the business manager or owner would have to choose his/her bank for verification of the account.  Additional documentation may be required to verify your account.  This is done for your own protection and it is a one time process.  Once your bank verifies that you are a legitimate business client you will be asked to choose the account you will be using for receiving your clients' payments, usually a business checking account.  For every transaction you will receive an email confirmation from Quiks, so you will have a detailed record of all your Quiks payments.  Furthermore the system at any given time will show you for each client as well as for the whole office(s) the payment requests that have not been paid (new), the ones processed (pending) and the ones that the funds credited your account (paid).

Your clients can follow similar steps to set up their checking account for payments in their Quiks account settings. Also a one-time process. No need for them to carry credit/debit cards or a check book. They receive an instant request for payment on their smart phone with your logo and name, and a brief description and all they need to do is click on pay and confirm.  They will also receive an email confirming the transaction so they do have a record of the payment.

A simple and effective way to receive payments with huge savings compare with other payment processes.