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Quiks Features


  • Instant messaging
  • Photo messaging
  • Voice messaging
  • Send your current location
  • Communicate with a business


  • Photo sharing
  • Commenting
  • Liking




Individuals: How to Install and Use Quiks

Once you click on the Google Play or Apple Store icons you can follow the easy steps for the download.  You can also see the corresponding pages below.

When you are done you will see the small gear wheel at the top right, this is the settings button.  Click on it and you will see one option to set up payments.  This is a great way to use your mobile phone to pay from your checking or savings account(s).  No need to carry a check book and an easy way to pay from your checking account for any purchases/services from businesses using Quiks.  You set up this functionality only once. You choose your bank and then you will see the log in page for your bank.  No account number or balance will be shown.  Just a verification that you are a legitimate client of the bank.  You can choose instant verification for this, or micro-deposits (the latter takes a few days). Once you are verified by your bank, then you can choose the account you want to use for the payments (checking, joint, etc).

We have a security section that describes how secure this process is in detail.  Your payment cards have a magnetic tape that stores all your data, and that could be compromised by hackers.  You mobile phone does not have a magnetic tape. 

Enjoy great communication that respects your privacy!!!

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Click the Google Play or App Store icon below to download Quiks.