Your name and phone number–nothing more.

At Quiks, your security is our first and foremost concern. We need only your name and phone number to get you started—no email, no password, no credit card information, and no SSN.

And, we never share any of your data. With us, you can rest assured your personal information stays that way—personal. 


The Difference with Quiks Security

Individuals:  From settings (the gear wheel icon top right) you choose my payments. Then choose your bank.  Next you will see your bank's log in page.  Log in as if you were to check your account status.  This will not show your balance or account number.  It merely allows your bank to notify us that you are a real customer.  Choose instant verification.  Once your bank verifies your status you need to chose which account you would like to use for the payments e.g checking, savings, joint etc.  This is a one-time verification. Then your smart phone can be used to pay any Quiks request for payment.

No charge for individual users.

Rates for Business only.

A business user is an employee or manager of the business, authorized to access the account.  Clients of the business are individual users and are free.

Up to 2 business users
Free of charge.

2-5 business users

6-10 business users

Large API accounts
Negotiable based on size.


Our Secure Platform


Secure your payments and messages now.

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