Business Testimonials

“A fantastic experience.”

As a sole proprietor using other methods of payment I became very excited about the idea of transaction cost savings coupled with the ability to communicate instantly in private or public with my clients.  Quiks delivered this in the most efficient way.

— Sara S.

“I can’t wait for the next update!”

Owning a small business means that you need to manage every minute of your time and every penny of your money wisely.  Quiks helped me do both in the easiest way possible.  

— Melissa S., CMT

“Quiks will generate huge savings for my business  this year, and I can rest assured knowing my clients' information is secure with them.”
- Stephen H., DDS

Individual Testimonials

“A fun way to communicate instantly with friends in any place”

Quiks is a fun way to send and receive instant text, voice messages and more without sharing any of my personal data. 

— Christian S., London, U.K.

“Privacy in communication”

Quiks never asked for my personal data.  All I have to give is my mobile number and name.  My contacts are only used by Quiks for my messages.  Never shared with anyone else. Love it!

— Andreas P., Athens, GREECE


“Excellent service.”

I use Quiks to communicate with my brother and his family in the U.S. Instant voice messaging is fun and sharing photos on a private or public basis works just great! 

— Harris G., Nicosia, CYPRUS

“Great way to use my mobile phone for payments.”

I use the Quiks Payments to receive instant requests for payment and pay for my dental bill and my hair salon services. No need to worry about credit card costs or security of my personal data.

— Eve G., Folsom, CA


Loved by businesses big and small, as well as individuals throughout the world.