Little ways to save big for your business. 

At only $0.50 per transaction—regardless of transaction amount—Quiks helps your business avoid heftier rates of 2-3%.

Personalized messaging directly to your clients. 

Every time you send a message to your clients, your company name and logo appear instead of an unrecognizable number.

No additional equipment necessary. 

Unlike many mobile transaction platforms, Quiks does not require any additional physical equipment.  Your clients pay using only their mobile phone.

No card required. 

All payments are processed completely through your mobile device.

Giving back to the community. 

For the non-profit organizations, we give back 10% of our processing fee for every transaction.  Now you can use your resources where they are needed most.


Your data, and only your data. Our secure platform simply needs your name and phone number to get started.


Personal Messaging

You Choose Your Social Network
Quiks imports only your saved contacts to your public network.  We ask for access to your contacts so that you can send and receive messages privately or publicly with your connections.  Friends of friends do not see your messages or posts unless they have your mobile phone number. We DO NOT share your information (i.e. name and phone number) with third parties.

Private Messaging
Keep in touch with your closest friends and family with our private messenger.

Our Features
Send anyone in your network a voice message, let them know where you are with our location feature, or simply share a photo or two!


Quiks Payments

Per Transaction
$0.50 flat rate

Non-Profit Savings
10% of every transaction fee, back to your non-profit organization.  It is our contribution to a better future for all.

Our Platform

Give back to your business and retain your clients' privacy.

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